Marketing and Recruiting Companies

MARC, or Marketing and Recruiting Companies, is your one stop shop to find some of the best options available to your company whenever you are looking to recruit a new hire. New employees can offer a lot to businesses wanting to keep up with their growing needs. Our dedicated recruiters travel all over the country to find the individuals that will best serve you and your company. Our recruiters understand that an important, and often overlooked, part of recruiting is the marketing of your company to potential employees. We make that a priority so that you are being directed to individuals who are already just as excited about joining your business as you are about them joining you!

We recently underwent renovations at our main office in Iowa.  Our favorite part of the renovation was our new green energy solar panels installed by Green Transitions, LLC.  They helped us take advantage of the Iowa solar tax credit which saved us a lot of money up front, as well as the ongoing savings from a reduced electric bill.  We would highly recommend giving Brandon a call if you are looking for solar panels in Iowa!

To find your next employee, we will do the leg work so that you can remain focused on what’s important in your office. We have a large database of professionals who are open to a move with the potential for growth in a strong company. With the number of potential employees our recruiters are in contact with, and the information we will gather from your company about your specific needs, we are sure to find a perfect fit for everyone involved.

Using MARC Next to find your next great hire is a simple process. First, we will have one of our dedicated recruiters, who is local to the location of your business, meet with a representative to discuss what your company needs are. We will then gather important information about your company that will help us to find the best fit for you. This will also give us the information needed to develop our marketing plan to sell your company and its many benefits to your next recruit. Next, our recruiters will comb through our database of potential employees and set up face to face meetings with those who they feel will be the strongest candidates for your specific needs. With your specific organization in mind, they will be able to gauge who will be the best fit. Once the best candidates have been chosen by our recruiters and their commitment to the potential move has been solidified, we will then set up interviews with the top candidates and your hiring manager. Your company can then choose your next star employee!

MARC Next stands by our employment recommendations. In fact, the pay structure for our services is collected on a schedule that requires employee retention so that you can feel confident about extending an offer to a potential employee.

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