5 Must have Accessories for Surfboards

5 Must have Accessories for a Surfboard If you love..

5 Must have Accessories for a Surfboard

If you love surfing there are 5 must have surfboard accessories. Surfing is a competition sport or just a nice form of recreation. Therefore you will want to keep your surfboard in the best condition you can. Surfboards are made of a lightweight wood for stability and speed. Surfboards are also made of polyurethane and then covered with cloth made of fiberglass. Surfboards are usually made to be about five feet long. A five foot board will sustain the weight of an average male or female.
One of the first things you will want to add to your surfboard is traction pads. Traction pads can be and should be added to your surfboard. The traction pads are made of strong adhesive and are water proof. Therefore the pads will stay in place from repeated use and cold salt water. Traction pads are added to the board so the bare foot does not slip off the board while the person is surfing.
The next accessory that surfers will want to add to their boards are dorsal fins. Fins or dorsal fins are used for maneuvering the board. Surfers can add one, two or three of these dorsal fins to the board for added stability and control. The dorsal fins are added underneath to the rear of the board. When the surfer shifts his or her weight the fins react to the surfers weight. The fins react to the adjustment of the weight in the water and turns. The fins also help to keep the back of the board in the water.
Another important accessory is a leash for your board. A surfboard leash is attached to the surfboard at one end. The other end of the leash is usually stretchy or made of a Velcro wrist or ankle band. The leash is too keep the boarder attached to the board so the boarder does not loose the board. As all surfers do occasionally fall off their boards. The leash allows the surfer to get back on his or her board quickly.
The next accessory a surfer needs of a good name brand wax. Each surfboard must be waxed periodically. Wax Is needed for two reasons the first being waterproofing the boards. If the boards are not waxed the water will seep in and damage the boards. The next reason for the wax is it helps the board glide easily through the water. So every surfer need to keep wax handy.
The last accessory for the surfer and a surfboard is the surfboard bag. The surfboard bag keeps the board from getting scratch and dented. The surfboard bag also makes the board easy to carry as they have handles on them.

There are other accessories that a surfer can have close at hand. However these are probably the most important 5 accessories to keep for your surfboard. Check your local sporting good store For the accessories. Or if you can not find what you need you can go online and order the accessories.